As companies grow and expand, so do their opportunities — and their challenges.

Your Challenges

Hiring skilled individuals who share your goals and work ethic can increase your potential for success exponentially. At Padgett Performance Group, we recognize that your people can make or break your business. That’s why we partner with companies to help you identify the best career candidates, improve performance, and manage change.

Find the Best People

Attracting top talent can be challenging — especially for hard-to-quantify attributes like attitudes, motivations, and interpersonal skills. Discover how to find the right fit for your organization, and for each available position.

Engage and Retain Your People

Once you find the right team, make sure you keep them engaged, invested, and incentivized. Learn how create a culture that aligns your employees’ wants, needs, passions, and goals with those of your organization — inspiring innovation and growth.

Development and Succession

Promoting people is easy. Assuring their success is not. Gain insights into how to choose the right people for advanced positions, accelerate performance, and empower individuals to reach peak performance to advance their careers — and your organization’s goals.

Manage Performance

A true Performance Culture requires more than annual reviews. Find out how to fuel performance by capitalizing on your employees’ strengths, by training leaders in mentoring and coaching, and improving communication.

Foster Innovation. Initiate Change.

Organizations that do not innovate will wither and decline in today’s environment of revolutionary change. Conversely, the ability to adapt to change has helped produce some of the strongest, most prosperous brands in history. Learn how to develop innovation, and manage change in your company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Over two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail to reach performance goals — and a lack of cultural assessment and integration is one of the biggest reasons. Gain the tools you need to assess, define and create an optimum culture, and to improve post-merger integration.

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