We employ a range of proven tools and development approaches.


Harrison Assessments TM

With over twenty-five years of research and application, and used by some of the largest companies in the world, Harrison assessments are a breakthrough in assessment technology:

  • Customize for your business and positions
  • A track record in assessing individual traits essential for specific jobs
  • Easily administered on-line in twenty minutes in over 20 languages
  • Easy to interpret
  • 99% deception-proof
  • Use for existing and potential employees


Talent Acquisition & Development

Harrison Talent Development Solutions,™ a specialized toolkit that targets needs for specific jobs, based on a library of 6,500 research-driven Job Success Formulas. This valuable resource empowers managers to focus on the job-specific skills and behavioral competencies that will facilitate employee success in any given position. It also includes detailed employee assessments measuring175 behavioral factors, including counter-productive tendencies that could derail success. Employers can create customized job success formulas, conduct assessments, and run reports:

  • Job Success Analysis and Prediction
  • Development for Position
  • How to Manage, Develop, & Retain
  • Paradox Analysis
  • Traits, Interests, and Work Environment Preferences
  • Behavioral Pattern Analysis
  • Work/Culture Engagement Analysis

Managers are provided with the information needed to match people to the right roles, and develop job-specific competencies. Armed with an understanding of employee needs, wants, motivators and attitudes, managers can easily address behavioral gaps through dialogues that address mutual needs. Managers are empowered with tools to create effective employee development plans that target the employee’s greatest potential and motivation to grow.

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Career & Succession Planning

Harrison Assessment’s proven Career Development and Succession Planning tools, include:

  • Career Planning: Match employees to available jobs within your company based on their preferences and strengths.
  • Succession Planning: Implement an automated system that provides analytics, and a talent pipeline.
  • Talent Readiness: View job-specific performance, education, skills and behavioral competencies, before assigning individuals to open positions.
  • Talent Development: Identify developmental areas for improvement, based on current behavioral traits and competencies.

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Impact Achievement Group TM

The Impact Achievement Group® provides globally recognized coaching, leadership development and training. Their services and tools include the following PhD-designed programs and workshops:

  • Leadership Impact Survey
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Supervisor Training
  • Coaching
  • Decision Making
  • Customer Engagement

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IP2BIZ Partners with large businesses to discover promising intellectual property on their behalf and co-invest with them to assess its commercial viability validate the technology and manage its further development. Through this proprietary process which combines their iPScout™ and ProofCo® products, they reduce the uncertainty inherent in new technologies and help clients launch breakthrough products without disrupting their internal operations or existing priorities.

They also help evaluate your early-stage innovation ideas. In their ten years working with Fortune 500 companies, they’ve developed a proprietary process with an output that dramatically reduces the uncertainty inherent in innovation. An iP2Biz Opportunity Assessment delivers a fixed-price, 30-40 day project that rapidly and inexpensively sorts the innovation wheat from the chaff, allowing you to commit resources and move forward with confidence.


A leading global organization specializing in Organizational Culture:

  • 5-D Model ©, to map national cultures and regional differences,
  • 6 Mental Images ©, (culture clusters) and their impact on management,
  • Multi-Focus Model ©, to assess organizational cultures,
  • Levers for Change ©, to help clients formulate change strategies and action plans.

The Green Edge TM

Specializing in market intelligence, strategy, and alliances

  • Market benchmarking and feasibility,
  • Segmentation and opportunity mapping,
  • New product development,
  • Marketing communications.
  • Strategic Alliances

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