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In a recent survey by Deloitte, 58% of executives said that their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance. That’s unfortunate, because the top 20% of firms (in revenue, profit & productivity) had 81% employee engagement. That compares to slightly over 50% for all others. Top-performers also had significantly higher customer satisfaction.

Execution practices have changed — Have Yours?

There are obvious differences between how top-performers manage their business. These differences are not incremental, they are fundamental. These profoundly different approaches include the following categories. Click any topic to learn more:


Creating a Performance Culture

Top firms don’t just manage performance — they fuel it. These organizations create a Performance Culture, wherein people realize their strengths and put them to work, going above and beyond what is required, and sharing an intense feeling of personal accomplishment.

In a high-performance culture, managers spend the majority of their time helping their people capitalize on their strengths. Leaders communicate purpose and objectives, and managers have regular conversations that include direct reports about careers and performance. Top organizations also provide performance management tools that empower employees and managers to do their best work every day.

This alignment of individual efforts with organizational goals helps people feel valued and challenged. In turn, this fosters engagement and accountability, creating a space where everyone feels 100% responsible for the success of their company. In this environment, each employee, including management, knows what is expected, what the company stands for, and what its team members hope to accomplish. This is a culture of collective accountability and mutual respect. Sound good? Contact us today to find out how Padgett Performance Group can help you create a culture of high performance.

Empower Managers to Facilitate Coaching and Accountability

Empowered managers go beyond simply telling people what to do. They also help develop talent by providing quality coaching and leadership, and improve performance by holding people accountable. Padgett Performance Group partners with companies to lead their people beyond the boundaries of their positions and inspire them to pursue results. We can help your managers learn how to create an environment that motivates employees to ask “What else can I do?”, and “How can I do this better?” over and over until the results are achieved. In this way, we encourage people to view their “job” in the broader context of achieving results.

Training leaders and managers in mentoring and coaching as well as accountability is the first step. Padgett Performance employs Impact Achievement® tools to help managers master skills to:

  • Develop trust and inspire their people to be accountable for performance
  • Effectively delegate and create initiative
  • Conduct meaningful performance discussions
  • Deal effectively with performance problems
  • Use appropriate coaching styles that match the situation

To read more about how we do it, click the categories below.

Align Careers with Individualized Goals

When an individual’s job aligns with his or her goals, strengths and contributions, it translates to exponentially better results. The Harrison Assessment™ reveals a person’s work preferences and behavioral competencies. It is an effective tool for providing insight into traits that will accelerate or hinder performance in a specific role.

Self-assessment helps employees learn how to improve their own job performance and satisfaction. It also facilitates the alignment of the organization’s business objectives with individual employee goals, passions, and expectations. People feel valued and challenged, fostering greater engagement and accountability, and an ethos of mutual respect.

Start using the Harrison Assessment. Contact us today.

Conduct Weekly Communication

Say goodbye to the typical annual review. Aside from consuming enormous amounts of time, it focuses on the past and replaces real-time conversations about current performance with once-a-year assessments that have a limited impact on daily work.

Frequent conversations with employees about recent and upcoming work are far more important, and can be much more effective. From embracing the best about an employee’s strengths, to identifying opportunities for improvement, to following through with further communication, these are the key to increased performance.

Because these conversations are more frequent, they provide more meaningful and in-depth discussions around performance, giving leadership a better idea of people’s abilities. However, the real benefit stems from the ability to influence events and outcomes before they occur. In an environment of mutual accountability, it is impossible for anyone to think, let alone say, that he has done his job if the team has not achieved its targeted result.

Interested in learning how Padgett Performance group can help your team facilitate weekly reviews? Contact us today.

Rate and Respond to Performance

Effective managers have a clear view of the performance and strengths of their people. However, gathering reliable, consistent and meaningful performance information requires changing the way we think about how this information is collected. Studies show a wide variance in scores when people were asked to rate someone’s skills. However, if the questions are related to performance and what to do about it, subjective opinions are reduced and ratings become more objective.

Padgett Performance Group employs an approach wherein managers are asked what they might do to ensure employees are placed in the best roles for their talent, promotions are planned to improve success, compensation is adjusted appropriately, and development is provided for each individual. We facilitate conversations that are about people, not ratings — and we encourage ways to best respond to performance, rather than criticize it. This approach tends to remove biases, providing more meaningful and consistent data.

Planning for Job Success with Competency Templates

Providing performance templates is a popular strategy for increasing job success — and it has been proven effective. A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that organizations with job success templates in place had 31 percent more employees reaching their first performance goals, 31 percent higher engagement, and a 50 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

However, not all Competency Libraries are created equal. The most meaningful competencies include both eligibility and suitability. It is not unusual for teams with different levels of performance to have similar levels of experience and eligibility, yet very different behavioral profiles. It is not enough to be qualified – it is equally important to be able to work well with others. That is determined by behavioral assessments.

In today’s flatter organizations performance is dependent on all positions working together. It involves a drive for results as a group. Moreover, it is important to define competencies for positions in all areas, including leaders.

At Padgett Performance Group, we use competency templates that account for both eligibility and suitability, based on parameters identified through behavioral assessments.

In addition to improving performance, defining competencies enhances the following areas:

  • Recruiting
  • Quality of Hire
  • On-boarding
  • Learning & Development
  • Promotions
  • Team Performance
  • Succession Planning

Find out more about how meaningful competency templates can increase performance at your organization. Contact Us.

Learning & Development / Careers & Succession

Today’s organizations are flatter than those of previous generations, with less emphasis on titles and a stronger focus on results. That means, when it comes to development, learning opportunities shouldn’t be limited to upper management. Your entire staff — and your company — can benefit from implementing development strategies. Padgett Performance Group works with companies to improve learning and development, and plan for succession, from the top down.

Focusing on development is important to your human resources strategy, as well as your company’s overall success. After all, your people are the ones who create more positive customer experiences, deliver innovation, and ultimately increase shareholder value. Investing in their development can also improve engagement, retention and the quality of your talent pipeline. A company culture that fosters learning can also reduce the cost of responding to talent shortfalls and poor performance.

Padgett works with executives to address today’s leadership development imperatives, including people, transformation, and growth. Contact us to learn more about developing your people.

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