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Mergers & Acquisitions

Achieve Performance Goals Faster. Merge Cultures Successfully.

Over two-thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail to reach performance goals. As many as one-third fail outright. Padgett Performance Group partners with companies to increase the success of mergers.

Time is not on your side in a merger. Even if the firms are a perfect fit, the task is daunting — particularly for management. There are never-ending communications to all levels of the corporation, heightened expectations from shareholders, and competitors trying to pick-off your best customers and employees. Meanwhile, you are running your business — a larger and more complicated business with new rules. Speed bumps like incompatible infrastructures make it difficult to get the information you need to manage effectively.

We can help. Working with top management, we drive a tightly managed 90-day process. Our disciplined approach focuses on key items that produce rapid financial results. Recognizing that people are the critical element in your success, we also provide cultural tools let you measure and move toward a culture that will produce the results you want.

Contact us today to discuss how Padgett Performance can help your organization increase the success of mergers and acquisitions by unifying disparate cultures and creating an environment to avoid pitfalls, and reach performance objectives faster.


Two Critical Concepts for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Defining and Integrating Cultures
    If your new team members are energized and operating at high levels of trust and communication, they can overcome almost any obstacle. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, most Mergers & Acquisitions do little to merge cultures. The lack of cultural assessment and integration is one of the biggest reasons why. Gain the tools you need to assess, define and create an optimum culture, and improve post-merger integration.The process begins with due diligence. Acquisition teams typically include attorneys, accountants and market specialists. Yet, the lack of cultural due diligence is one of the leading reasons for underperformance, or worse. Padgett Performance Group uses proven instruments to assess the cultures of key areas of the pre-merger organizations. Working with management, we develop an optimum culture for the new enterprise. We frequently use ITIM©, a worldwide organization of experts in organizational culture. Their groundbreaking tools were honed through twenty years of work with IBM and other leading global corporations.
  • Post-merger Integration
    Financial and organizational problems multiply exponentially if the integration takes too long 

    We are experts in rapid post-merger integration. We build your plan around the financial objectives of the merger. From the start, we knock down energy-sapping uncertainty with a communications plan that ensures that everyone is on the same page.Our proven methodology will launch the merger with energy, single-mindedness and accuracy to make certain it starts on the right track. As the change process progresses, it is monitored to guarantee it remains focused on the objectives.

    We bring cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams together to create best practices that improve productivity, and revenue. Systems and procedures are designed to support objectives. Results are tracked in days and weeks. This rapid feedback means problems are quickly identified, allowing adjustments to be made early.

    Culture is monitored and fine-tuned as the organization moves toward improved productivity, profitability and satisfaction. People outside the company sense the change as the new culture takes hold. Customers, shareholders and vendors are reassured by knowing that the merger has produced change for the better.

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