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Engagement & Retention

Create a More Rewarding Workplace


People who care about their work and are engaged in their careers are happier, and perform at higher levels. They’re also more likely to remain in their current positions longer, helping companies reach goals faster, and lowering the cost of turnover.

Padgett Performance Group helps companies create a culture of engagement and improve retention by aligning employees’ wants, needs and passions with those of the organizations who employ them. As a Harrison Assessments Partner, we administer the Harrison Engagement & Retention Analysis®, and provide access to Career Reports and a Personal Career Planning Portal, empowering employees to accelerate their own personal and professional growth.

Improve Engagement Through Shared Responsibility.

Engaged employees drive innovation, growth and revenue. Yet, average employee engagement has been estimated at less than 60 percent. So, what does it take to increase engagement? The conventional wisdom of relying on compensation and benefits is not working, proving that pay is only one factor in job satisfaction. For different individuals, engagement may be improved by providing more empowerment, more opportunities for growth, or the chance to have their voice heard and make a difference.

Padgett Performance Group works with companies to determine what employees need to feel engaged, by administering Harrison Assessment’s Engagement & Retention Analysis®. This unique tool allows you to measure intrinsic behavioral factors that drive individual engagement, employee motivators and attitudes, and identify gaps between expectations and realities. The analysis provides actionable information to implement strategies that will engage employees at the individual, group and organization levels, and facilitates dialogue between employees and managers.

By focusing on both the employees’ and the employers’ needs, Padgett Performance Group assists your organization in creating a sense of shared responsibility for engagement, which can enhance the degree to which mutual needs will be met.

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Employers work hard to find employees; when they do, they need to keep them.
Today’s talented workers are mobile, and are changing jobs more frequently than ever before. In fact, research indicates that the average new employee will have over a dozen jobs by age 38. To win the talent war, you need not only attract, but also retain the best employees.

Padgett Performance Group provides Talent Management Solutions that improve job satisfaction from the beginning, by matching the right people to the right jobs — measuring 175 factors in only 20 minutes. We also provide reports that highlight important factors for employee engagement, success, and retention, at job-specific levels.

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Help Employees Get Involved in Planning Their Careers

When employees feel they have control over their careers, and are shown a path for planning a more successful future, they will feel more satisfied in their current position. They will also be more willing to work diligently to improve their performance. This is what makes the Harrison Career Report such an important retention tool. We provide your employees with access to a Personal Career planning portal that ranks internal jobs according to their likely enjoyment and engagement preferences. In addition, employees can view reports related to their strengths, as well as areas identified for development.

Clearly defined career options provide a framework for employees to visualize their long-term opportunities, while providing HR and stakeholders with a solid basis for planning and assessing pipeline supply and gaps.

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