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Good companies provide training. Great companies foster development.

A more successful organization begins with more successful people. Padgett Performance Group works provides a range of development and coaching services to help companies improve performance at an individual and group level, and to assist each employee in personal and professional growth.

Find out how we can help your company create a learning culture, help managers and leaders become mentors, empower individuals through active coaching, and improve team dynamics using Harrison’s Paradox Theory®.


Create a Learning Culture

Employees Rank Development among the Most Important Things They Want in a Job.

What is a Learning Culture? It is a way of thinking; a work environment that facilitates growth and development for every individual, leading to greater job satisfaction, increased personal fulfillment, and ultimately, improved performance company-wide. An organization with a strong learning culture places a high priority on the development of all its employees, and facilitates a mindset that encourages growth. Here are some of the key characteristics of a Learning Culture:

  • Learning is continuous — it happens every day.
  • The opportunity for development is available to all.
  • Risk-taking and mistakes are viewed as necessary experiences for growth.
  • Challenges are seen as learning opportunities that encourage the ability to adapt to change (especially important in today’s rapidly changing business environment).

How could a Learning Culture impact your organization? Contact us to learn more.

Transform Leaders & Managers into Mentors & Coaches

When your company’s leaders have the resources and training to coach your staff, continuous improvement can become a way of life at your organization. Padgett Performance Group helps transform managers into mentors, equipping them to become primary developers of talent.

In the past, most training merely focused on how to do a job. Now we know that for the majority of jobs, effectiveness depends on behavioral factors as well. Traits like motivation, attitudes and communication style form the foundation for our interactions with others as well as our personal satisfaction. Using The Harrison Assessment, we provide insight into traits that will accelerate or hinder performance related to specific positions. The assessment also provides tools for discussing career planning and training. Armed with this valuable information, your leadership team can move beyond management, into mentorship.

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HR Leadership & Development Matched to the Future Needs of the Business

With the shift toward a learning culture, Leadership and Development’s role will become more aligned with and driven by the organization’s strategy — and transition their roles from dispensing courses, to providing daily support.

Instead of measuring their effectiveness based on tactical activities (percentage of employees trained, money spent per employee or segment) L&D’s success will be based on meeting future needs (facilitating skill development, increasing learning speed) or on the impact on the organization (reducing turnover, improving engagement, employee performance, and increasing customer satisfaction).

Empower Individuals

Help Each Employee recognize their strengths and reach their full potential.

When seeking to fill supervisory positions, firms often look to their most successful employees. However, when employees ascend to management roles without adequate preparation, performance can suffer company-wide. Trial and error is a costly way to educate new supervisors — but with proper coaching and development, problems can be avoided, and effectiveness increased.

Padgett Performance Group utilizes the Harrison Assessment to help companies understand each employee’s individual behavioral competencies and work preferences, and compare them with high performance traits, as well as those that have been proven to either accelerate or hinder performance in a new position. This information allows companies to identify developmental opportunities for personal coaching, in order to improve job performance and increase personal satisfaction. Whether your goals are to enhance initiation for new hires, boost development for current staff, or elevate training prior to promotion, Padgett Performance Group can help.

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Improve Team Dynamics

Build stronger teams — and get better results

In today’s specialized work environment, talent is not enough. Talented people must work effectively together in order for an organization to succeed. Padgett Performance Group provides tools and training for creating, developing, managing & sustaining highly effective teams, workgroups and committees.

Using Harrison’s Paradox Theory, we help companies reveal team dynamics in a way that has never before been possible, enabling individual team members to easily identify how their own behaviors contribute to or obstruct the team’s objectives. As a result, each team member is empowered to improve effectiveness and leadership. Reports include a mapping of stress behaviors, along with an indication of how they impact individual performance and team performance. Using key paradoxical principles of leadership, managers can implement practical actions that facilitate mentoring, coaching, and building effective working relationships.

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Career & Succession Planning

Manage today’s talent. Plan for tomorrow’s growth.

Imagine if every job in your organization could be ideally matched to a candidate who not only meets your requirements, but also fulfills the employee’s goals, passions, and expectations, while leveraging their strengths.

Now imagine how much more successful your company could be with improved career satisfaction, reduced turnover, and fully engaged employees performing at their peak potential.

Let us share our techniques and tools to address and automate development, career planning, and succession needs; helping companies manage talent from front-line to executive levels.


Meeting the Needs of Employees

Give Employees a personal stake in their careers. Padgett Performance Group can provide your organization with career-planning tools catered to the needs of each employee. The Harrison Career Module includes a personal career planning portal that allows employees to rank internal jobs according to their likely enjoyment and engagement. In addition, employees can view reports related to their strengths as well as areas for development. Employees benefit from greater involvement in their career planning process and access to personalized development reports. Furthermore, demonstrating the company’s interest in employee needs increases performance, while at the same time, engaging and retaining top talent.

Give your employees the tools they need to take charge of their careers. Contact us today.

Improving Effectiveness of Your Organization

Ensure Employees are in Roles that Leverage Their Talents. Effective talent development facilitates strong relationships among employees, managers, coaches and teams. Padgett Performance Group provides employers with the comprehensive information necessary to build these relationships. That results in accelerated employee development, and increased employee engagement and retention.

Using The Harrison Assessment Talent System™, we help companies map employee talents to specific job requirements, making it easy to guarantee each employee is in a role that will leverage his/her talents. Harrison Paradox Technology™ accurately determines whether a person’s behavioral tendencies are strengths or liabilities in a given role. It also provides employers with a way to emphasize what individuals are doing well, while at the same time encourage balancing factors that will enhance performance and job satisfaction. This powerful self-knowledge improves relationships and performance.

We also provide managers with tools to monitor each employee’s engagement and talent development, as well as to coach each employee based on his or her individual needs and goals. Armed with an understanding of employees’ needs, wants, motivators and attitudes, managers can easily address behavioral gaps through dialogues that consider mutual needs. Managers are empowered with the tools to create effective employee development plans that target the employee’s greatest potential and motivation to grow.

From predicting the likelihood at success within a given position, to creating developmental plans to accelerate progress, to creating a pipeline for talent, Padgett Performance Group helps companies align business objectives with employee goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Enhance Succession Planning & Talent Readiness

Determine which leaders are best suited for promotion — and better prepare them for new roles. Leaders are not born. They are created as the result of experience, hard work, and effective coaching. When developing candidates for upper management roles, assessing behavioral competencies and personal preferences may be even more important than quantifying hard skills. As a Harrison Partner, Padgett Performance Group uses The Harrison Assessment to help employers better understand employees’ individual management and leadership styles, as well as behavioral and personal traits and preferences.

As employees move to more senior positions, this assessment can be a very valuable tool, providing a twofold benefit: Not only does the executive’s performance and effectiveness improve; but also, modeling great leadership can have a transformative effect on your entire organization. We can help identify strengths to build on, and highlight any specific areas where performance can be improved.

Managing the talent pipeline is now more critical than ever

The fully automated Harrison suite of tools also facilitates efficient review of talent pipeline analytics. Using the Harrison Assessment Talent System, companies can see a complete view of performance, education, skills, and behavioral competencies for specific job fit. Paradox reports identify areas related to behavioral traits and competencies.

The Harrison Assessment can be used to:

  • Identify high-potential candidates
  • Predict multi-level capabilities
  • Create accelerated development plans
  • Identify alternate career paths
  • Leverage the talent pool
  • Increase retention

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