We focus on two critical areas — people and performance.

Our Solutions

Optimize Your Human Capital.

Whether your business produces a product, or provides a service, one thing is certain: your people will always be your only sustainable advantage. People are the faces of your company, providing personal service and ensuring you continue to meet your customers’ needs. From conducting daily business, to powering growth, to delivering shareholder value, to advancing innovation that sets your company apart, your people can make or break your organization.

Padgett Performance Group’s employee assessments, HR tools, employee development and career planning services help you focus on people first — so your organization can work together to achieve optimum results. Select a category below to learn more.

Enhance Performance with Exceptional Execution.

Even with a valuable product or service, sound strategy and exceptional team, without excellent execution, your results may fall short of management goals, or investor expectations.

Padgett Performance Group provides fresh methods and tools to measurably improve performance — at individual and team-wide levels. For companies seeking to deliver breakthrough innovation, our collaborative approach and strategic partnerships can help you get new ideas to market faster. And for companies adapting to change, our cultural expertise and deep experience in change management can assist in smooth transitions, as well as successful mergers and acquisitions. Select a category below to learn more.

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