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Winfield Padgett

Principal, Padgett Performance Group

3600 Drexel Dr.
Dallas, TX 75205
P: 214-451-6932
C: 214 679-8894

Winfield spent over 40 years working in every aspect of his family’s business in Dallas. He became Chairman in 1989. Win founded Padgett Performance in 2006. He has several certifications in HR specialties and focuses most of his time on business development.

Win has been an active member of his community, serving in the Greater Dallas Chamber, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas Advertising League, Dallas Better Business Bureau, Dallas Citizens Council, Central Dallas Association, Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Win is an avid golfer and collector. He has served on the Executive Committee of the United States Golf Association.

Following his graduation from Princeton University in 1968, Winfield served as an officer in the US Navy aboard two destroyers in the Pacific. He returned to Dallas pursue an MBA at SMU.

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